What British Foods Should You Import for Your World Cup Party?

October 28, 2022

With more than three million British expats living abroad, now is an excellent chance to cater to this football-mad audience by stocking up on some of their favourite British snacks and drinks. With the World Cup just days away, England and Wales fans worldwide will be gearing up for some big watch parties.

But whether you’re in Spain or somewhere further afield, such as Australia, what British food and drink products should you consider importing to supply those World Cup watch parties?

1. Pies

There’s perhaps nothing more quintessentially British than a pie. Perfect for a winter’s day, British pies come in all shapes and sizes, with fillings ranging from steak and kidney to chicken and mushroom.

Plus, there are cold options too. Melton Mowbray pork pies are world-renowned, while Scotch eggs – a boiled egg encased in sausage meat, covered in breadcrumbs and then deep-fried –make for an excellent starter or hors d’oeuvre.

2. Crisps

No British pub would be complete without a selection of crisps (or potato chips for those of you across the pond) on offer. From ridge-cut to standard Walkers-style crisps, there are all sorts of different types to choose from.

When it comes to flavour, the options are endless. From salt and vinegar to cheese and onion, flame-grilled steak, and prawn cocktail, there’s a crisp out there to suit everyone’s taste. So make sure to import a variety!

3. Tea

No British food import list would be complete without tea. When the nerves start to kick, a half-time brew can work wonders, and there’s nothing like a post-match cuppa to help you forget about any last-minute heartbreaks.

If you want to make sure your British guests feel right at home, it might be worth stocking up on some PG Tips, Tetley, or Twinings tea. And don’t forget the milk!

4. Jaffa Cakes

Named officially as the food item missed most by British expats, Jaffa Cakes are miniature sponge cakes with a layer of jam and a chocolate coating. These bite-sized treats are perfect for satisfying those mid-match sugar cravings and are often served alongside a cup of tea.

Their small bite-size nature makes them well-suited for sharing plates at your World Cup party. Just make sure you have enough to go around!

5. Biscuits

From digestives to Hobnobs and shortbread, there are all sorts of different biscuits available in British supermarkets. But head abroad, and popular options such as ginger nuts, custard creams, and Jammie Dodgers can be harder to come by.

So if you want to make sure your British World Cup party guests are happy, make sure you’ve got a good selection of biscuits on hand. After all, what’s a cup of tea without a biscuit?

6. Beer

Last but by no means least, no World Cup party would be complete without one of the nation’s favourite beverages; beer. From Newcastle Brown Ale to Tennent’s and Guinness, there are all sorts of different British brews to choose from.

So whatever your guests’ tipple of choice, make sure you’ve got it covered. After all, there’s nothing like an ice-cold pint to help you through a match’s ups and downs.

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No matter where you happen to be in the world, the World Cup provides a lucrative opportunity for businesses to cash in. So if you want to make sure your British expat customers are happy come December, it might be worth considering importing some of the above-mentioned food and drink products.

For all your food and drink import needs, be sure to get in touch with the team at Leverbrook Export today. With over 50 years’ experience in the industry, we’re well-placed to source and supply everything you need to make your customers’ World Cup parties a success.