Why Export UK Food and Drink Products to Canada?

Canada is the world’s second-largest country by area and boasts trade links with the UK that date back centuries. Each year, UK exports total just under £11 billion to this country of 37 million inhabitants. Yet Canada is one of the last markets many food manufacturers and importers turn to, despite its strong record of economic growth.

With that in mind, let’s look at why Canada represents an excellent export/import market, espouse the benefits of expanding into North America, and explain why a recent trade deal makes this country an even more tempting proposition.

Exporting to Canada: Why Now and What Are the Benefits of Doing So?

Canada and Great Britain share a special relationship that goes back hundreds of years. In fact, our close ties are demonstrated by the fact that we are the only two countries to both be members of the G7, the G20, the Commonwealth, Five Eyes, and NATO.

Our business practices and shared English language make the two markets even more preferential for importers looking to source and trial British products or UK-based food and beverage brands looking to export their products and expand their international footprint.

Since Brexit, there has also been a new trade deal agreed upon between the two counties. The UK-Canada Trade Continuity Agreement secured several preferential tariffs for goods and services moving between the two countries.

Why Should UK Food and Drink Brands Look to Export to Canada?

While there are numerous opportunities for UK companies to benefit from trade with Canada, food and beverage manufacturers are even better positioned. With a shared culture and very similar tastes, there is healthy demand among Canadians for British produce.

Canada’s affluent and sophisticated consumer base has a strong appetite for free-from, organic, and specialty health foods. Better yet, in Canada, the UK has a strong reputation for producing premium and quality products, with a preference for British-produced meats and cheeses, to name but a few of the in-demand categories.

Whether you are UK-based and looking to expand into Canada, or a Canadian outfit looking to benefit from these prevailing consumer trends, there’s never been a better time to capitalise through exportation or importation.

Speak to Leverbrook Export Today to Secure Your Path to Lucrative Canadian Markets

The UK and Canada share very close political, economic, and cultural ties, making this enormous country a natural fit for UK-produced food and drink products. However, to make your venture in the land of maple syrup a success, you’ll need the expertise of a reputable UK food and drink exporter.

At Leverbrook Export, we have a wealth of experience exporting British food and drink products to Canada. We supply some of the UK’s most iconic and best-loved brands to both major retailers and smaller, independent stores across the country.

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