Labelling & Translation


It is our pleasure to offer all our customers a full labelling, translation and ink jetting service.

Labelling & Translation

We can have labels professionally translated into many languages, this is usually done in-house but we also have the option to outsource. Our most common request is to translate English into Arabic. This is a great language to demonstrate the importance of accurate translation for a desired target market. Arabic is the official language of over 20 countries with and an estimated 300 – 400 million people who speak it globally. Classic Arabic differs from Modern Standard Arabic, which in turn can be quite different from more regional dialects, especially those in northern Africa.

Ink Jetting Facility

Using the very latest technology and machinery; we are able to offer a personalised ink jetting facility, which allows production and expiry dates to be professionally printed onto all products. Thus, enabling goods to comply with import regulations for various overseas markets.

Own Label Capabilities

On offer is a bespoke, personalised labelling service whether it would be under your own label or for branded goods (Including Granny Speak, see own brand section.) We can supply and apply unique labels tailored to the needs of our customers and in turn their clients. Labels are offered in many sizes, colours and different formats, which are suitable for ambient, chilled and frozen goods.

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