airline tender

Since our inception, Leverbrook Export Limited have been supplying quality food and non-food products to various customers, throughout the Middle East and the world, on a tender basis. A tender is a process whereby a company invites bids, which are usually submitted within a deadline, for an individual project or on-going contract that they are supplying.

airline tender

Whether it is airports, in-flight catering companies, military contracts, hotel groups or embassies around the globe, we welcome the opportunity to register with yourselves and to have the chance to submit our most competitive prices against your specific tender requirements.

As a company, we place a lot of our interests in ensuring customer satisfaction and believe in working for the client. Leverbrook export is confident in the process of securing tenders and the varying contract lengths that we offer (starting from a minimum of 3 months and upwards) ensure that we can create a contract that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

We will work hard to ensure that you will receive the best-dated stock for each and every delivery within the tender, and fully understand how important this is for our customers. We are confident in our extensive range of products and our ability to meet your expectations.

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