Scottish Salmon Beats All Expectations to Become Number One UK Food Export

February 5, 2023

According to figures recently released by HMRC, Scottish salmon beat expectations and became the UK’s biggest food export, leaving other popular food export categories within the UK, including bakery goods, chocolate, cheese, cereals, and lamb.

Sales breached half a billion pounds in 2022, coming in at £578 million. That’s despite a 26% fall in the volume of UK-produced fish transported overseas. 

So what’s driving this demand for Scottish salmon, and where is the product enjoying the biggest success? 

Scottish Salmon Proving Popular Across the Globe

Concerning where the salmon is being exported to, the EU accounted for almost 64% of sales, with France leading demand. However, it has performed well in markets across the globe, with the US and Chinese markets both reporting high sales.

In total, Scottish salmon was exported to 54 countries, with North America and Asia exhibiting the most significant increases in export revenues. The continued growth in global markets is leading to more investment and job creation in and around Scottish fisheries, and the Scottish government has made food and drink one of its priority export sectors. 

So, why the increase in demand for Scottish salmon?

Salmon Sales Boosted By Reputation for Sustainability and Quality

There are several reasons why Scottish salmon continues to bring in substantial export revenues, above and beyond whole sectors of food and drink exports. First and foremost, the product boasts a stellar international reputation. It’s a world-renowned brand and is a byword for quality.

When you add in the fact that it’s produced sustainably (an important consideration for many consumers) in the cold waters off Scotland’s west coast, you have a recipe for success. 

Lastly, salmon is a healthy, nutritious food that can be enjoyed by everyone. Research has recently uncovered that more than 70% of daily vitamin D needs are provided in a single portion of Scottish salmon – further enhancing its appeal to a wide range of consumers.

Why Should You Export Scottish Salmon from the UK into Your Domestic Markets? 

Several potential benefits are associated with importing Scottish salmon into your domestic markets from the UK.

For starters, importing Scottish salmon can help differentiate your product offering from competitors, as Scottish salmon is well-known for its high quality, sustainability, and nutritional value. 

By importing and distributing Scottish salmon in your domestic market(s), you can leverage this brand recognition to attract new customers and retain existing ones looking for premium food options.

Importing Scottish salmon exported from the UK can also benefit your business economically by allowing you to tap into a growing market for sustainable and high-quality food products. This can help increase your revenue and profitability, as customers are more likely to spend their money on environmentally friendly products subjected to the highest possible quality and welfare standards. 

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