Message From The Winstanley Family

Since our inception in 1973, we have always strived to provide a quality and timely personal service for our customers. The reputation of Leverbrook and that of our clients have always been placed ahead of personal profits. In this pursuit of ongoing excellence, the decision has been made to regularly review each and every one of our suppliers to ensure that they continue to meet our high standards.

It is with great pride, that we can declare we are still the preferred supplier of many of our original customers that were established in the early 1970’s. However, it has been said; “if you don’t move forward sooner or later you will begin to move backwards.” At Leverbrook, this is at the core of our philosophy. We are at the forefront of new culinary trends not only in the UK but throughout the globe catering to all of our customer’s individual marketplaces. This has often given our clients a key strategic advantage over their competitors.

While Service, quality and innovation are all important, of course, we recognize the absolute necessity of a keen price. As a result, we tailor our pricing to suit our customer’s specific requirements.

Best Regards,

Gary Winstanley Senior.
Gary Winstanley Junior.