Importing British Food and Drink to Australia

April 30, 2024

Australia’s appetite for British food and drink has been steadily growing, fuelled by a substantial British expat community yearning for a taste of home and an increasing number of adventurous locals keen to explore the flavours of the UK. 

The recent free trade deal between the countries has also seen tariffs on popular products slashed by as much as 20% and boosted trade by up to £465 million in its full year of operation

As a leading British export management company with over 50 years of expertise, Leverbrook Export is perfectly positioned to help Australian businesses capitalise on this burgeoning demand by facilitating the seamless importation of the finest British produce.

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Why British Food and Drink Appeals to Australians

For Australia’s sizeable British expat population, estimated at over 1.2 million, the allure of familiar flavours from back home is a powerful draw. Iconic British brands and traditional dishes offer a comforting connection to their roots, evoking a sense of nostalgia and providing a welcome respite from homesickness.

Simultaneously, a growing number of Australians are developing a taste for authentic British cuisine. The country’s culinary landscape has evolved to embrace international flavours, and the UK’s rich gastronomic heritage holds a particular appeal. 

Australians are increasingly seeking out the unique tastes and textures of British food and drink, perceiving them as high-quality, premium offerings that add an exciting dimension to their dining experiences.

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Top British Food and Drink Products in Demand in Australia

The Australian market has demonstrated a strong appetite (pardon the pun!) right across diverse British food and drink categories. From the quintessential British cup of tea to the indulgent delight of chocolate, several products have emerged as clear favourites among expats and locals alike.

Biscuits, such as McVitie’s Digestives and Hobnobs, are highly sought after, as are classic British cheeses like Cheddar and Stilton. Chocolate brands, including Cadbury and Galaxy, have a loyal following, while the demand for British-style chips, sauces, and condiments continues to soar. 

Additionally, due to the high degree of British produce acceptance, there is significant potential for introducing new and innovative British products to the Australian market, offering potential new revenue streams. 


Leveraging Leverbrook Export’s Expertise for Seamless UK Imports

Navigating the complexities of international trade can be daunting, but with Leverbrook Export by your side, importing British food and drink to Australia becomes a breeze. Boasting over five decades of experience in British food and beverage exportation, we have honed our expertise to provide a comprehensive, end-to-end service tailored to your needs.

Our team of skilled professionals is well-versed in handling all aspects of the import process, from documentation and labelling to shipping and logistics. We work tirelessly to ensure that your British products reach Australian shores in pristine condition, fully compliant with local regulations and ready to delight your customers. 

By partnering with Leverbrook Export, you can enjoy the benefits of streamlined import processes, enabling you to focus on what matters most – growing your business and satisfying the cravings of British food and drink enthusiasts across Australia.

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Unlock the Potential of British Food and Drink in Australia with Leverbrook Export

As the demand for British food and drink continues to surge in Australia, the time is ripe for your business to seize this golden opportunity. By tapping into the expertise of Leverbrook Export, you can effortlessly bring the finest British food and drink products to your customers, satisfying the yearnings of expats and enchanting locals with the authentic flavours of the UK.

As your trusted partner in British food and drink importation, Leverbrook Export is here to help you every step of the way. Our team is eager to discuss your unique requirements and develop a bespoke solution that meets your needs. 
To embark on your British import journey and unlock the full potential of this thriving market, contact us today at +44 (0) 151 645 3517 or via email at Let us help you bring a taste of Britain to Australia and open your business to new customers.