The Export Revolution: How British Food is Conquering the World

May 25, 2023

A quiet revolution has been stirring in the global culinary sphere in recent years. Traditional British food products – from creamy cheddar to succulent pork and Scottish salmon have been slowly taking their place on the international stage.

From the bustling streets of Tokyo to the cosy cafes in Paris, there is an increasing appetite for British produce. This trend is a testimony to not just the rich flavours of British cuisine, but also its stringent quality and welfare standards that set the benchmark worldwide.

So, what are the key drivers behind this global culinary conquest by British food?

British Cheese: A Taste Tradition Now Making a Global Impact

As a nation, we have been renowned for our cheesemaking skills for centuries, a tradition that predates even the Roman invasion. Today, this rich legacy continues to thrive and even transcend national boundaries. British cheese is not just a local favourite anymore – it is commanding a significant international audience, proving its global influence.

According to data from the OEC, between January 2022 and January 2023, the export of the United Kingdom’s Cheese increased by a staggering 80.1%, demonstrating its growing popularity.

Driving this uptick in demand is a confluence of factors. One of the main factors is the sheer variety of British cheeses available, from the crumbly, tangy Cheshire and the creamy, mellow Double Gloucester, to the world-famous Stilton and Cheddar.

These regional specialities, each with its unique characteristics, offer an extensive palette for international consumers to explore.

The global rise of British-produced cheese is not a matter of chance, but a testament to the industry’s commitment to tradition, quality, and variety. It appears that the world has developed quite an appetite for it, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

British Pork and Salmon: Sailing High on International Culinary Waters

Riding on the crest of the global success enjoyed by British cheese, two other titans of our food industry have been making waves internationally – British pork and Scottish salmon. These time-honoured staples of our diet have gained tremendous traction in foreign markets, further extending the reach of British culinary prowess.

British pork, celebrated for its rich flavour and high-quality cuts, has seen a remarkable increase in demand from international consumers. Traditional products such as British bacon and sausages are being savoured on breakfast plates worldwide, while artisanal cuts are becoming the choice of gourmet chefs across the globe.

Figures from the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) show that British pork consumption is at its highest level since records began, with consumers all over the world choosing it for its flavour, quality, and value for money.

Likewise, Scottish salmon continues its prominence in the global seafood market. Renowned for its rich, buttery flavour and nutritious profile, it’s in high demand in both Western and Eastern cuisines, helping it become Britain’s most exported food product. 

These triumphs enhance the global profile of British food and pave the way for the recognition and acceptance of the industry’s stringent quality and welfare measures, which we will now explore in more detail.

Quality and Welfare Standards: The Backbone of the British Food Industry

A relentless commitment to quality and welfare standards underpins the British food and drink industry’s reputation and recent growth. This dedication, reflected in a multitude of robust certification schemes, has been instrumental in securing consumer trust and expanding its global footprint.

The Red Tractor Assurance Scheme is one such example, guaranteeing food safety, animal welfare, and environmental protection in food production. Yet, it is just one among the rich tapestry of certification schemes that punctuate the UK’s food landscape.

Other rigorous schemes include the Soil Association, renowned for its organic standards that far exceed the minimum requirements set by EU law. Its certification provides assurance about animal welfare, pesticides use, and GM ingredients, among other things.

There is also RSPCA Assured, the RSPCA’s farm assurance and food labelling scheme, ensuring farm animals have been reared, handled, transported and slaughtered to the RSPCA’s strict animal welfare standards.

These stringent certification standards are not just symbolic. They reassure consumers globally of the British food industry’s commitment to quality, safety, and ethical practices.

As a result, they have been pivotal to the rise of British food on the global culinary stage, building on the previous success of products such as Scottish salmon and driving demand for a wide array of British food and drink products.

Leverbrook Export: Helping Develop a Global Appreciation of British Food

From the richness of British cheese to the unique flavours of British pork and the supreme quality of Scottish salmon, we’ve explored how British food is making a remarkable impact around the globe. British food producers are winning over consumers worldwide with an unwavering commitment to top-notch quality, taste, variety, and strict welfare standards.

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