Granny Speak Goes Vegan

November 27, 2020

159 years ago Ellen Speak, now known as Granny Speak, was born and she had a passion for cooking, bakery and creating food that not only fed the stomach but the soul too. Granny Speak loved to create new flavours and was innovative with her recipes. Because of this, we know she would have thought it important to recognise people’s dietary needs and demands and enjoyed working with new flavours to create equally delicious food. That’s why Leverbrook Export is excited to announce that:

Granny Speak has gone Vegan!

Whether it be for health, religious, social or global benefits; the vegan diet is growing in popularity and becoming a staple diet of today’s society.  We believe it is so important that vegan’s are provided with a wide variety of high quality choices in their meals and bakery goods. To ensure just this, we have invested a lot of time and effort into our vegan mixes and believe that they are unmatched by anything currently on the market.

Our Vegan cake mixes come in:

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla, or
  • Rich Fruit cake: in 1kg, 5kg & 12.5kg Formats.

However, we endeavour to constantly evolve our brand and find it imperative to provide a delicious variety of options to our customers. Beyond the more traditional flavours that have been stated above, we also have in development the flavours of:

  • Chocolate Brownie,
  • Blondie, and
  • Red Velvet too.

A key advantage of these mixes is their makeup. Most Vegan mixes require a number of ingredients to be added by the end user, for example soya milk, our mixes require only vegetable oil and water just like many of the standard cake pre-mixes bakers will be using already.

Realising that a great cake mix, needs an even better icing to provide that mouth-watering finish, we also have a vegan fudge icing. This is available in a 10kg format as standard. As we continue to develop and invest in Granny Speaks vegan range, we hope to be providing you with even more icing flavour options soon!

All of our Granny Speak Vegan Cake Mixes and Icings have a long shelf life and are ideal for both the domestic and export market.