What Are Food Export Consolidation Services?

September 18, 2021

Retailers in overseas territories looking to try British products in their domestic markets are often held back from doing so due to the significant financial commitment involved in ordering a container load of products.

The last thing you would want to do is place a large order of this nature, only for your product to flop when it hits the shelves of your local stores. You could be on the hook for thousands of pounds worth of British produce that you can’t shift, no matter how well you execute your marketing.

However, the good news is that there is a better way to test, trial, and dry-run leading food and drink products from the UK. It comes in the form of groupage consolidation services. But what exactly do they entail, and why are they a useful tool for wholesalers and retailers looking to try British products within their local markets?

Food Export Consolidation and Management Services – What’s Involved?

While the above title may sound a little complex, food export consolidation (otherwise referred to as groupage consolidation) actually operates on a straightforward premise. In short, when orders for British food and drink exports fall below a full container load, they can be combined (consolidated) with orders from other customers in order to fill the remaining space in the container.

Furthermore, with British food exporters such as Leverbrook Export, you can take the same principle and apply it to pallet loads. Rather than having to order an entire pallet load of a product to meet shipping requirements, you can mix and match your products, so you keep inventory levels precisely how you want them.

What Are the Advantages of Food Export Consolidation Services?

Firstly, you gain granular control over the stock you export. There’s no need to order more than you need simply to make the overall volume up to a specific quota. Instead, you can fine tune your order to reflect precisely what you need.

If you only need a few boxes of tinned soup, for example, that’s entirely possible using the groupage consolidation services offered by Leverbrook Export.

Better still, you gain the ability to test and trial new and innovative products within your marketplace of operation with minimum financial risk. With less than a pallet load of items, if the product doesn’t quite take off as you’d imagined, then you have lost very little as part of your experimentation.

Lastly, you can stretch your budget to include more products. Rather than committing to an entire pallet load of one product, you can make up a pallet containing several products. This arrangement allows you to try several products at once, further reducing your financial risk and increasing your chances of finding a successful British product.

Why Use Leverbrook Export for Your Food Export Consolidation and Export Management Services?

By partnering with Leverbrook Export, you gain all the flexibility you could ever need for your exports without compromising on our reputable export management services.

Despite the complexities involved in breaking exports down into smaller quantities, our local shipping agent still handles all customs clearing requirements and arranges delivery of goods directly to your chosen address as standard.

Better yet, we are delighted to inform you that we currently offer our groupage and consolidation services at cost to both new and existing customers. Don’t forget we can also take care of your export documentation, translation, labelling, shipping needs and offer the safest and most flexible payment terms.

If you would like to trial some of the most popular food and drink products the UK has to offer, then make sure you get in touch today via our online enquiry form to request a quote.