Export UK Food And Drink Products Around The World With Leverbrook Export

December 27, 2021

At Leverbrook Export, we have been providing industry-leading export services for almost 50 years. Over our decades of operations, we have forged close relationships with key stakeholders up and down the supply chain and developed several crucial export management services in-house.

With that in mind, let’s look at what we can offer you as either a UK brand looking to export your products overseas or as an international retailer looking to secure the best food and drink products the UK has to offer.

Wide Variety of Freight Options

As is the case with any British food exporter, the success of the service heavily depends on the shipping and freight services offered. Exporting is a precision business, and without the freight partners with the necessary skills and infrastructure, the whole exporting experience can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Thankfully, we partner with the leading names in the industry to ensure that your export runs as smoothly as possible. We have close relationships with all major airlines on the airfreight side of the business and can often secure shipment slots at short notice. We can also secure order weight from as little as 100kg right up to several tonnes if required.

On the seafreight side of our export business, we can secure all manner of shipping containers, including 20ft, 40ft, and 40ft high cube containers. We also provide ambient dry, chilled, and refrigerated container options to meet the needs of your specific order. After loading, all containers are sealed at our warehouse with a customs seal to ensure the utmost security throughout their journey.

Groupage and Consolidation Services to Lessen the Financial Risk Associated with Trying New Products in Your Chosen Markets

One of the issues with food exportation is the guesswork involved concerning whether or not your chosen products will be a runaway success in your chosen market. With other export outfits, you might encounter high order minimums to fulfil before they agree to ship, making exporting UK food and drink products a colossal gamble.

However, at Leverbrook Export, we offer groupage and consolidation services, allowing you to take up free space in another client’s container and keep order quantities within manageable levels. Better still, you can consolidate the products your order right down to the pallet level, minimising the financial risk associated with trying British food and drink products in your chosen international markets.

Export Relabelling and Translation Services

Another issue you need to factor into your export decision making is labelling and translation services. As stringent as the regulations are surrounding UK food products and beverages, your country may require additional information to be displayed on the packaging. Another likely stumbling block is that the critical content, such as nutritional information, may be written in English when your target market only reads Arabic, for instance.

While you could make attempts to relabel and translate your imported products upon their arrival, it makes far more sense to have an experienced team with decades of translation and labelling experience handle this task for you. Not only can we ensure that the translations are correct, but we also use our industry knowledge to ensure all of the legally required information is displayed in your native language.

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As one of the oldest, family-run export businesses in the UK, we pride ourselves on our reputation of delivering first-class export services to clients all over the world. Over our five decades of operation, we have developed specialist knowledge in regions such as the Middle East, South America, North America, and Australia.

So if you need to source products of the biggest brands names of British produce for the purposes of exporting them to your country, make sure to contact a member of our team on +44 (0) 151 645 3517 to discuss your export enquiry in more detail.