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February 25, 2022

Spain is the UK’s seventh-largest trading partner, and UK exports to this Western European country total an enormous £18.9 billion a year. With a population of 47 million and about 15% of those born outside of the country (many British), there is a healthy market for the export of British food and drink products.

At Leverbrook Export, we help Spanish companies looking to import and British brands looking to expand into new international markets with our food and drink export services.

Why Export UK Food and Drink to Spain?

Beyond the obvious fact that there is a sizeable British contingent dotted along the Southern Coast of Spain, there are several other reasons to consider exporting to this country. For instance, Spain is an EU member, meaning trade is relatively frictionless (despite the increased paperwork requirements post-Brexit).

Furthermore, demand for British products is high here from the native population, not just within the pockets of expat communities. Products such as salmon, whiskey, and soft drinks are extremely popular, and British bakery and confectionary goods also continue to gain traction.

Brexit Headaches Now Starting to Ease for British Exports to Spain

While there’s no question that there was some initial turbulence introduced by Brexit (UK export sales fell by 50.6% on 2019 levels), market conditions have since bounced back. There’s never been a better time to test UK food and drink products in this favourable location.

At Leverbrook Export, we’ve taken stock of the new requirements brought in after Brexit and reconfigured our operations to ensure we continue to offer our customers a seamless export experience to Spain or any other EU country.

Why Choose Leverbrook Export for Your UK Food and Drink Exports to Spain?

Several aspects differentiate us as market leaders in UK exports to Spain. First and foremost, our track record of successful exports to Spain stretches back several decades. There are very few companies in the UK capable of making this claim.

Secondly, we have an in-depth understanding of the Spanish market and the specific tastes of its consumers. Our team comprises experts with intimate knowledge of both the cultural nuances and commercial realities of doing business here. This allows us to provide our clients with unrivalled support and guidance when exporting or importing UK products to Spain.

Lastly, our infrastructure is geared towards making the export process as efficient and straightforward as possible. We have a well-established network of contacts in Spain, and our team can provide you with everything from advice on what products to export to Spain to ensuring your goods are correctly labelled for Spanish customs.

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