Why British Companies Should Export Food & Drink To China

March 30, 2023

With a population of over 1.4 billion people, China represents a huge market for British food and drink manufacturers. China’s desire for premium, high-quality goods has been rising in recent years, and British food and drink companies are well-positioned to benefit from this trend.

Growing Demand For British Products

In the past decade, there has been a growing demand for British goods in China. Chinese consumers are becoming more and more interested in high-end, luxury goods, which are often produced by British food and drink manufacturers. In particular, demand for British beer, cheese and whisky is on the rise.

For example, British cheese is growing in popularity in China, with a variety of artisanal and traditional cheeses becoming more widely available on the market. They key reason behind this is the growing popularity of western cuisine, which requires cheese as a key ingredient in many of the most popular dishes. British cheese is also frequently thought of as being of higher quality and more premium than other types of cheese sold in China.

Similarly, British whisky is very popular in China, with customers increasingly looking for luxury, high-end Scottish brands. The popularity of whisky has been given a massive boost by the significant increase in luxury bars and nightclubs in major Chinese cities, where patrons are willing to pay top dollar for premium beverages.

british cheese export to china

Huge Market Potential

China represents a huge market for UK food and drink manufacturers, with a population over 1.4 billion. The middle class in China is expanding quickly, and along with it, so is the need for high-quality food and drink products. In order to diversify the nation’s food supply and meet the demands of ts expanding population, the Chinese government is also actively promoting imports of foreign goods.

Favorable Trade Policies

A number of beneficial trade measure that the Chinese government has put in place make it simpler for British food and drink producers to export to China. For instance, the China-UK Bilateral Investment Treaty strengthens British investors protection in China.

These regulations have helped to level the playing field for British businesses operating in China and have made it simpler for them to enter the market and compete with domestic companies. Further prospects for British food and drink producers are provided by the Chinese government’s commitment to opening its markets to international business.

Increasingly Sophisticated Distribution Channels

The emergence of e-commerce giants like Alibaba’s Tmall and JD.com has drastically altered China’s retail scene in recent years. With sophisticated logistics and delivery systems that can reach customers in even the most remote regions of China, these platforms give British food and drink manufacturers access to a sizeable market.

The desire for high-end, high-quality food and drink products is also expanding, and there are an increasing number of high-end department stores and supermarkets stocking British food and drink in major Chinese cities to meet this demand. This gives British companies a great opportunity to showcase their products to Chinese consumers and establish themselves as premium brands in the market.

uk food export to china

Opportunities For Collaboration

There are many opportunities for collaboration between Chinese and British businesses in the food and beverage sector. For instance, British businesses can partner with Chinese distributors and retailers to gain access to the Chinese market, and Chinese companies can partner with British manufacturers to develop new products or enhance existing ones.

Export British Food & Drink To China With Leverbrook

There are many compelling reasons why British businesses should consider exporting to food and drink to China. With a growing demand for high-quality, premium products, a huge market potential, favorable trade policies, increasingly sophisticated distribution channels, and opportunities for collaboration, the Chinese market represents a significant opportunity for British companies looking to expand their global reach.

At Leverbrook, we boast a track record spanning back five decades and have helped countless companies, from SMEs to multinationals, to achieve their goals of exporting to China.

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