Huge Export Opportunities for Lamb Producers As First Shipment Lands In United States

December 22, 2022

After a hiatus of over two decades, the first shipment of lamb from Carmarthenshire has arrived on US soil ready for sale. With trade relations between the US and the UK markedly improving in recent years, this incredibly lucrative and affluent market of 300 million consumers is once again open for business to UK producers.

So what are some of the changes regarding lamb exportation, and what opportunities now exist for UK food producers and brands?

How the United States Has Become a New Target for UK Brands Looking to Export

As mentioned, lamb is just one of the dozens of products that have seen their exportation capabilities either reinstated or improved in recent years. 

With resolutions to some long-standing trade disputes between the two countries resolved and an enthusiastic trade department looking to capitalise on the new opportunities presented by Brexit, the US is quickly becoming a target for a range of British brands and businesses looking to tap into their sizeable consumer base.

Concerning lamb specifically, the new market of 300+ million consumers represents an estimated £37 million of export trade revenue over the first five years – a figure expected to only increase as demand increases.

With a considerable UK expat population (the largest singular destination for British nationals), a shared culture, and an appreciation for UK food safety and quality standards, the US has long been considered an attractive market for premium British goods such as lamb.

How to Exploit the Developing US Export Opportunities?

Whether you’re based stateside or a UK-based food producer, you might well be excited by the export opportunities afforded by the new trade deals and relaxations (with more currently in negotiation). Still, you might be wondering how you can exploit these new opportunities.

Firstly, it’s helpful to partner with a UK food export company that not only boasts the skills and expertise to export temperature-controlled products but that also understands the latest regulations, laws surrounding tariffs and quotas, and how to navigate the complex logistics involved in exporting from the UK to the US.

At Leverbrook Export, we possess both experience and know-how in shipping food across the globe. Whether you’re a brand selling lamb products or a retailer looking for additional supplies of your best-selling UK-produced meat products, we can help you establish your supply chain from the UK to the US – no matter how complex your requirements might be.

We can source, supply, and offer Less than Container Load (LCL) shipments for any meat product (including lamb) that you might be looking to export from the UK to the US. So no matter which side you’re on – whether you produce and sell food or if you’re an importer looking for additional supplies – get in touch to find out how we can fulfil your needs.

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