Free Trade Deal for the UK and New Zealand Opens Up New Export Opportunities

January 26, 2022

With the recent announcement of a tariff-free trade deal between the UK and New Zealand, those looking to export food and drink to this Oceanic nation now find themselves with new opportunities and market potential for their products.

With trade between the countries already worth £2.3 billion, this new trade agreement is set to drive up exports from both countries, with companies in both nations set to benefit from frictionless trade.

So let’s take a look at the agreement, assess why New Zealand might be the ideal market for many British food and drink products, and why you need the help of experienced UK-based food and drink exporters to capitalise on the new opportunities this deal presents.

New Trade Deal Provides Favourable Export Market for UK Produce

With an agreement in principle in place, hundreds of tariffs are set to be removed from goods and services flowing between the UK and New Zealand. For those looking to export (or import if already based in New Zealand) British food products, this provides an excellent opportunity to secure footholds in another well-established economy.

New Zealand is a highly educated and affluent market of over 5 million people, including over 285,000 people born in the UK. Better still, for those trying out new products, just under half the population is located in the three major cities of Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch, making it easy to test and trial products in these markets before going nationwide.

british food export to new zealand

Why Export UK Food and Drink to New Zealand?

New Zealand is an excellent choice for UK food and drink producers seeking further international expansion. Demand is high for high-quality British produce, as demonstrated by a 29% increase in UK food and drink exports to New Zealand over the last three years. With tariffs out of the way, that number could further increase.

UK trends within the food and beverage industry are often reflected in New Zealand, such as a marked rise in the popularity of specialist ‘free from’ products and sustainable and ethical brands. The opportunities for UK brands looking to export cover the categories of cheese, organic, wholefood, specialist and ‘free from’, low in sugar/no sugar confectionery, ethnic foods, gifts for the festive season, craft beer and cider, to name but a few.

How Do Brands and Retailers Export UK Food and Drink to New Zealand?

In short, by partnering with trusted, experienced UK-based food and drink exporters. With the knowledge of local customs practises, close relationships with international freight forwarders, and last-mile delivery expertise, teaming up with a company such as Leverbrook Export makes your exporting efforts much more straightforward.

We can take care of all necessary documentation, offer relabelling services that meet New Zealand standards and provide you with a range of shipping methods and order quantities to facilitate a stress-free exporting experience.

Whether you merely want to test the waters in a major city with quality British produce, or you want to gear up for a nationwide launch, Leverbrook Export will be here by your side to make sure everything you need arrives at the intended location on time, on-budget, and hassle-free.

If you have an export enquiry for the recently opened up markets of New Zealand or Australia, then please make sure to give our Oceanic Export team a call on +44 (0) 151 645 3517 or via email at