opiesWe are part of one of the oldest private family-owned food companies in the country – Bennett Opie Limited who have been in business since 1880. Locally we are referred to as the ‘Pickle People’ rather fitting we think. It is because we have been at our current location in Sittingbourne, Kent since 1929 manufacturing our extensive range of quality pickles and preserves, enjoyed by families in the UK and across the world. Many of our products have become “family favourites” such as our world famous pickled walnuts, our cocktail cherries and our delicious cocktail gherkins. We aim to provide everything you need to keep your family happy – delicious accompaniments to everyday meals as well as products that help transform a simple gathering into a party occasion. However we are not the sort of company who rests on its laurels, we are always looking to bring new tastes and ideas to your tables. So we’re constantly working to develop new lines to fit in with people’s changing tastes and lifestyles. We were one of the first manufacturers to use British only produce in some of our products. Because whatever we create, we make sure that we select the finest ingredients to ensure the end result is of a high quality which always delivers on flavour.