Major – The Chefs Base®

major international At Major all our bases are created by chefs for chefs, delivering authentic, natural flavour with every use. Saving you time in the kitchen without compromising on quality.
We have developed a portfolio that covers everyone’s needs. Complex flavours of the most popular global cuisines with our On-trend Mari Base Marinades that are more flexible that your traditional marinades. Rich authentic stocks that save you valuable time and money in the kitchen and jus’ and sauces that can be used on their own or as the building block to a multitude of different sauces. All gluten free and nut free with many being completely allergen free.
We also offer a customer centric approach with extensive marketing, consumer and sensory insights. Our ambition is to shape the future of food by becoming the co-creation partner of choice to our customers. We address dietary concerns such as sugar and salt reduction or allergens, without the negative effect on the taste profile. So what are you waiting for be inspired and let’s start creating together!