Maille Mustard

mallie mustard

This is the true story of how Father and Son created L’Maison Maille. 

We chart how Maille has grown from our origins in France, to be renowned around the world for our craft of premium mustard, vinegar, cornichon and oils.

Our vision remains true today as it did 270 years ago; use the highest quality ingredients and innovate to create amazing flavours that make your meals memorable…

La Maison Maille firmly believes that the right condiment can truly define a meal. Fundamental to the character and quality of La Maison Maille mustards are the unique recipes on which the products are based, developed by their expert team together with a culinary chef. In creating new products each year, the team explores the subtle combination of ingredients in order to achieve a complex taste profile, an appealing aroma, the desired texture, the right colour. These are then tested and validated against different criteria before being approved for production.