Benefit from An End-to-End Export Service with Leverbrook Export

July 27, 2021

With one in ten of the British population living abroad and a further half a million living abroad for most of the year due to work commitments, demand for British food products has never been so high.

But choosing where to source your products from can be challenging. Not all British food and drink exporters offer the same level of services or carry the same number of product lines.

Here at Leverbrook Export we have been exporting British produce all over the world for over 50 years. We have worked hard over the years to build ourselves into a leading UK food export company, with special ties with the Middle East in particular.

We differentiate our British food export offering by providing a complete end-to-end export service, ensuring you enjoy a hassle-free method of securing popular products within your overseas marketplace.

Wide Range of Export Transportation Methods Offered

We offer a broad spectrum of transportation methods for your exported goods, including air freight and sea freight. Within those two freight methods we have a broad spectrum of options to ensure you receive your products in pristine condition, whenever you need them.

Whether it’s utilising dry ice boxes on items that require 24-hour dispatch or chilled shipping containers that keep produce fresh, we have options for every type of product and all timescales.

Industry-Leading Food Export Consolidation and Management Services

Another way we differentiate ourselves is by offering Less Than Container Load (LCL) groupage. This service allows you to place an order that falls below a full container load by having us consolidate it with orders from other customers looking to ship goods to your port of destination.

We can also offer you this flexibility right down to pallet-level, allowing you to effectively order as little or as much as you would like – great if you are looking to trial a new product in your marketplace.

Better yet, you don’t lose out on any of our associated food export management services such as food export documentation. Our Local Shipping Agent will still attend to all customs clearing requirements and arrange delivery of the goods directly to your chosen address.

Best of all, we are pleased to offer these consolidation services at cost to new and existing customers.

Labelling & Translation Services for Food Exports

We can have labels professionally translated into many languages by our dedicated in-house team. In particular, we specialise in translating English into Arabic, opening up your market to the 20 countries and 400 million speakers of the many forms of this important language.

We also own and operate the latest ink-jetting machinery, allowing us to attach production and expiry dates on all products so that they can comply with import regulations for various overseas markets.

Lastly, we can produce and supply unique or custom labels – perfect if you want to sell our goods under your own brand name, for example. Our labels are perfect for ambient, chilled, and frozen goods alike.

Choose Leverbrook Export for Your UK Food Export Requirements

Hopefully, you have now gained an understanding of the attention to detail and level of service offered to our customers. As a leading British food exporter, we have developed a stellar reputation and unrivalled expertise within freight, handling, documentation, and logistics, particularly from the UK to the Middle East.

From supplying you with the biggest brand names Britain has to offer to ensuring that all documentation and customs paperwork is handled smoothly and accurately, we offer you a seamless export experience.

Feel free to browse our extensive range of products available for export before getting in touch to request a quote. Alternatively, if you have any questions regarding our UK food export services, feel free to call us on +44 (0) 151 645 3517 or via email at